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By Leigh

On 31, Dec 2014 | In | By Leigh

Rock Capitol – Live band karaoke

Live band karaoke is the hottest new form of entertainment to sweep the nation. Combining the visual excitement & power of a live band with the immense popularity of karaoke, live band karaoke offers the best of both worlds in a single package!

Rock Capitol Live Band Karaoke draws upon the successes of shows like American Idol, Don’t Forget the Lyrics, America’s Got Talent and Nashville Star. Millions of people dream of being the lead singer in a live band, standing in front of a screaming audience full of fans.

Rock Capitol makes this dream a reality, featuring Jon Blair of RadioActive.

Rock Capitol is the only live band karaoke show in all of Ohio to offer full digital video with scrolling lyrics of their songs, which can be displayed throughout your venue on your video or flat screen TV system. Imitators will call themselves a karaoke band & hand your customers a sheet of paper with lyrics & not much else to go on. Our scrolling lyrics & video prompter help the vocalists to achieve a much higher level of performance & fun that keeps the cliental coming back for more.

Rock Capitol is a power 3 piece ensemble, which through the combination of meticulous musicianship & modern technology, can reproduce songs with amazing accuracy & energy. All members of Rock Capitol are seasoned, professional musicians, who have extensive national & international touring credits.